Information is power for businesses of all sizes.

There are thousands of business resource websites geared towards entrepreneurs that cover everything you need to know, A - Z, accounts payable to zip code demographics.

Silicon Valley Small Business Resources

Information is power for businesses of all sizes. There are thousands of business resource websites geared toward entrepreneurs like you.  We have reviewed many of these sites and have identified and categorized those that appear to be most useful. 

The Small Business Templates and Tools page at  provides a wide selection useful business information and tools.

Watch these videos from "Game Changers Silicon Valley" a local cable show, featuring John Edwards, one of our consultants.

Other Links

Other sites, primarily identified with the Greater Bay Area, are divided into three categories: 

For a list of over 30 Silicon Valley organizations that may be able to help you, go to Business Owner Space.

NOTE: These links are provided for the convenience of our Web site visitors. They are not an endorsement of the companies or web sites listed nor the products or services the offer.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Julie Brander

April 5, 2021

For National Volunteer Month, we're highlighting the work that SCORE volunteers do. Learn more about one of our local presenters in Las Vegas, Julie Brander.


10 Tips for Starting a Small Business

April 1, 2021,

Here are several tips from experts on how to start your own small business.


How to Manage Reputation and Competitive Risk

March 31, 2021

Protect your small business from harm to your reputation, competitors, and unhappy customers.


Women Entrepreneurs: Own Your Power

March 23, 2021,

Research shows that when we act confident, it changes how others react to us, which not only builds our confidence but can also lead to increased profitability.


COVID-19 Impact and the Future of Small Business

March 19, 2021

The pandemic brought us a lot of uncertainty. Read which traits helped small businesses survive and what the future of small business looks like.


Finding your Balance as a Female Small Business Owner

March 17, 2021,

As a woman, it can be challenging to lead as a business owner, entrepreneur, or manager. Here are a couple of tips to bring your authentic self into your leadership style.