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How I can help you

I use my experience with media communications systems to help clients in many ways. The development of secure network technology, protected e-commerce systems for private and public networks is key to todays internet  I was working with world-class leaders and our design of secure media distribution and storage systems for television, film and social media content as well as storage and access systems for medical data was unique and advanced. As well as large international media companies, it has proven very useful for small businesses in software, medical companies, IT suppliers for specialized fields such as medical and dental offices, city government data management and more

I was an entrepreneur in the start-up and growth of Silicon Valley communication, networking and computer companies. My expertise covered technical,  financial and legal operations in start-up companies. I have extensive involvement with venture capital financing, business planning, IT management, internet technologies and product design. I am also a member, advisor and investor in computer and network technology venture capital firms and the Network Engineering Department at Stanford University.

Areas of Expertise
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Business Operations
  • Technology & IT Services

Industry Experience
  • Media and Communications
  • Technology and Web-Based Services
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PhD in Chemistry and Computer Science. Also an MBA in Financial and Legal management. Technical expertise in computer system designs, network hardware; software, operating systems and real-time software. IEEE Communication and Computer Society