Silicon Valley SCORE has a series of workshops and seminars that cover the unique issues that Nonprofit organizations face.  It is not just about fundraising.  Nonprofits differ from for-profit businesses from the day one prepares to set one up, to the way it is managed and operated.  Laws that cover nonprofits are unique.  Staffing consists of paid and volunteer people.  Objectives are different and, of course, tax laws are different.  Here is a list of classes that we offer in the next 4 months.  More topics may be offered in the future.

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HR 101: A Guide to Successful HR - 09/30/2020 - C0405

September 30, 2020, 10:00am PDT
Santa Clara, CA, 95054

There are certain traits successful businesses have in common: consistency, risk management, documentation, and communication. When these 4 traits are maintained businesses are... Read more

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