Information is power for businesses of all sizes. There are thousands of business resource websites geared towards entrepreneurs like you, offering information on business loans to home-computing advice. We have reviewed many of these sites and have identified and categorized those resource websites which appear to be most useful to you.

SCORE's national site's Small Business Templates and Tools page provides a wide selection of templates, resources and website links, offering useful business information and tools.

See Silicon Valley SCORE's John Edwards on Game Changers Silicon Valley:

Business Resource Links

We have identified other sites, primarily identified with the Greater Bay Area, which we have divided into three categories of links with expectations of what you will find there.

For a printable list of links to business and government sites, click here.

You are also welcome to use our Business Resource Library located at our offices in San Jose. It is filled with books, periodicals, research documents and more. You are likely to find what you are looking for here!

Additional commercialwebsites which may also be worth your time:

NOTE: These links are provided for the convenience of our Web site visitors. They are not an endorsement of the companies or Web sites listed, or the products or services offered by them.


My SCORE Counselors helped me sort through all the fine details, all the licenses I would need, and the documents I would need to change

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