Almost three years ago, Isabel Rosales partnered together with her then fiancé to start a commercial door installation business.  Neither had any experience or background in running a  construction  business. After twenty years working in the dental  field,  family circumstances dictated that Isabel  identify work that had the potential for generating an adequate income and could be  conducted in her home. Through the advice of friends, hard work and a lot of trial and error, they started their business in January 2003. With this humble beginning, the Company is now profitable with an annualized revenue stream of close to $300,000. 

How SCORE helped. 

During its early growth, Isabel  correctly assessed that the  profitability of the business needed to be improved.  Through the efforts of her local Chamber of Commerce office , she contacted the SCORE Chapter in San Jose, California for assistance on various  pricing issues. SCORE volunteer, Ed Lichtman, not only  worked with Isabel on  revamping  her pricing structure, but also  to develop various marketing and sales strategies. To help her qualify as a women and minority owned business, Isabel was given a number of  financial templates  that have helped  her calibrate the financial health of the business including a Cash Flow and a Profit & Loss Statement. 

Isabel recently commented that Ed Lichtman and other  SCORE counselors were always more than willing to answer any question that she posed to them.  In that regard, Ed encouraged Isabel to supplement her counseling sessions with SCORE workshops and training opportunities. Isabel found the SCORE workshop on Starting a New Businessparticularly helpful for improving the focus and direction of this  business. With these new business  skills coupled with lots of creativity, enthusiasm and energy, Isabel has helped guide the Company into higher levels of revenue with each successive year. 

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