My successes. 

‘The BackStrap Release It Kits’ are manufactured in China. Sales have been directly to her clients and through the existing website ( Amazon and Physical Therapy Equipment Suppliers- webPT are activated. Active business negotiations are taking place with buyers at Brookstone, and Hammacher Schelmmer and retail store buyers.  An E-mail marketing campaign has been initiated to social media targeted audiences.


She talked about her future plan and said: ”I intend to continue working with SCORE and will keep taking classes too”!  We wish her a big success in her business.

What do you do? 

Tracy Halmos was born and raised in California. She did her BS San Jose State University in Kenesiology with Minor in Athletic Training and a Masters degree from Fresno State University in Physical Therapy in 2000.

What inspired you to start your business? 

From her childhood she always wanted to be a physical therapist.  Starting at age 16 volunteering at the local hospital, then working in athletic training and then ultimately orthopedic physical therapy was where she found her niche. Tracy also was drawn towards leadership serving as President of her class.  Then just three years out of school she opened her own practice, Individualized Physical Therapy, Inc.  Specializing in hands on treatment techniques is how she came up with the idea for The Back Strap®. This product has evolved through three versions to the ultimate product it is today. 

What's special about your business? 

Her business was growing fast. Now, every patient in her PT clinic goes home with a BackStrap and she is selling it nation-wide on her website 

Tracy continues to develop The BackStrap® while doing lectures about back and neck health and prevention of injury in the community.

What influenced you to seek help from SCORE? 

At one point, she realized…to expand her business and make it successful, she needs professional business advice. She did some research and came to know about SCORE. Also one of her patients, who also started her own business, recommended SCORE.

How SCORE helped. 

Tracy contacted Silicon Valley SCORE and was assigned to Ray Muzzy who has extensive experience in Product Development, Marketing & Sales and Customer Service to help SCORE clients start, organize and manage their business.  With Tracy, his initial focus was on need for a current Business Plan and then Marketing/Sales. He also found other SVSCORE resources to help her business. “My mentor, Ray Muzzy has been my backbone from the moment we met.  His knowledge, experience, and dedication is second to none”, said Tracy.


What's great about my mentor? 

“Ray has advised me to talk to certain other SCORE mentors, take classes and enrolled my company in a Pitch event with SLC Group Holdings”, Tracy added. “SLC chose my company in the first round of candidates”.  He even consoled me when I wasn’t chosen for the second round.  The gift of this experience was developing a Pitch, delivering it, and making it through the first round.  He reminded me that now the investors know me and there will be more opportunities!  I can’t say enough about how his guidance has helped me focus my energy on the right path for success.


When asked how SCORE Helped? Her reply was “Not only did SCORE provide a great mentor, the classes are great with small class sizes and topics that you can apply to your business immediately’.

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