My successes. 

Charlotte Truffles LLC has completed two years of operation in this month. Charlotte Walter is the Founder and head chocolatier of Charlotte Truffles.  Recently they won a number of awards for their chocolates as well as 1st place for the

 “Silicon Valley Startup Cup”. 

“With guidance from the SCORE Silicon Valley counselors I was able to win some accounts with restaurants and high-end hotels. I have also identified my target customers and where to market myself”.  This resulted in a market focus that led to a consistent sales increase of 25% and a few brand ambassadors in these markets.  She also accomplished:

  • A high-end hotel ordered 50 boxes for their VIP clients
  • Another local high-end hotel custom ordered chocolate boxes for the committee that’s planning the College Football National Championship -2019
  • Party favors for a couple of weddings
  • Grew her social media following by 140%

Charlotte’s goal for 2019 is to create partnerships with local high-end companies that focus in delivering a specialized experience for their clients. She is also planning to hire a helper by end of next year. 

What inspired you to start your business? 

She always had a dream to create her own company one day. From childhood, since she was 8 years old, she was very fond of chocolates and wanted to have a chocolate shop business. Accordingly, she started working on it. Due to her chocolate passion she changed her career from an engineer to a chocolatier. Her dream came true around November 2017 when she started her own company, Charlotte Truffles LLC.  “I found that my multi-cultural voice was being under-represented in the chocolate industry. And those who tried it lacked consistency.” 

How SCORE helped. 

Charlotte contacted SCORE and met with several different SCORE Silicon Valley counselors.  She got extensive help from Ray Muzzy, who has extensive experience in Product Development, Marketing & Sales, and Customer Service.  He has helped many SCORE clients start, organize and manage their businesses.  Ray also introduced her to other mentors like Wally Dale who has extensive experience on how to start and operate a food business.  He also introduced her to other SCORE mentors who provided extensive Marketing and Sales guidance.

“I have worked with a variety of counselors and their help is focused on marketing, branding and sales. I have also worked with a counselor who happen to own a few restaurants and he guided me on marketing for the farmers markets” She added.

What's great about my mentor? 

“I’d love to learn of other avenues and businesses that I can partner with, that can help with a more passive income with my products.  I especially need help with products that have a shorter shelf life”.  SCORE Silicon Valley will always be there to help to achieve her targets!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a small business? 

After formation of her company, Charlotte realized that she had no business experience. She needed help in Marketing, Branding and Sales.  A family friend told her about SCORE and how the counselors helped her in starting her interior design business back in Arkansas.

Charlotte Truffles LLC

My Mentors