Dee Dee Kiesow is a Nonprofit Strategist, Funding Consultant, and Benefit Auction Specialist using the combination of her skills as a professionally trained charity auctioneer. With over 20 years of diverse experience working with nonprofit organizations, she is able to raise money and create memorable and record-breaking fund raising events. Her background as an Executive Director, Event Coordinator and Chief Fundraiser for several Northern California nonprofit organizations, readies her gold standard consulting in fundraising strategies. She feels comfortable raising funds through the microphone with audiences of any size and background and, with her vibrant personality; Dee Dee is able to inspire audiences while having fun.

My successes. 

Dee Dee grew up in the Santa Clara Valley where she is a graduate of San Jose State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism (Radio and TV Reporting and Editing) and Spanish. She is also a graduate of the World Wide College of Auctioneering (WWCA) and has a diploma in Bilingual Auctioneering as well.

In 2015 one of her associates suggested she contact Silicon Valley SCORE and meet with counselors who specialize in nonprofits. Thus she met with SCORE counselors John Edwards and Barbara Hofstein-Spiegel. “My mentors suggested I consider leaving my full time job to start my own business and they guided me through the procedure to form a consulting business.” She has started regular mentoring session with them. They discussed the depth of her experience in non-profit and fundraising. As a lover of knowledge, and wanting to be even more effective, Dee Dee took several classes to enhance her career and services. She has also given a nonprofit seminar at SVSCORE on event planning this year.

“I jumped from a secure full time job where I was not utilizing my skills fully to a place where I can serve numerous non- profit organizations to help them exceed their goals with event fundraising”, she added.

She set up her own company BenEventAuctions. Although she has been fundraising for over 25 years, she took the microphone for the first time for her new company in 2011 to conduct a charity called ASK and auction. The fund raising objectives were exceeded above all expectations. Since then, she has taken her strategic marketing and fundraising skills with her professional training as an auctioneer to break records at every charity event. The non-profit clients she serves get her years of knowledge and experience in development to not just hold their goals, but also plan strategically months in advance to secure the greatest return in funding, and cultivating long term donors.

“From pre-event strategies to showtime, Dee Dee provides a wealth of wisdom to maximize your fundraising potential. Having functioned as the Master of Ceremonies for countless high profile fundraisers, Dee Dee’s professional attention to fruitful detail is second to none!”

–Brian Sussman (Bay area Media Personality)

Dee Dee is a member and V.P. of National Philanthropy Day, and Fundraising Event Mentor to the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Silicon Valley (AFP), The National Auctioneers Association (NAA). She holds a Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) Designation, one of only 20 auctioneers in California.

 She helped raise over $500K last year for non- profits with charity breakfasts and galas. She plans to do more in coming years. “Now that this is my full time business, I expect to help charities raise $1 million this year alone and much more in the near future years”.

Dee Dee is a life-long resident of San Jose, California with her husband and is the proud mother of three. As a classically trained French chef, Dee Dee enjoys creating wine paired dinners for friends & family. Also she loves relaxing with her dogs and while designing her next traveling adventure.

“I am so grateful to SVSCORE for their “Dream making” abilities. In future, I definitely want their regular support. One day I hope to be able to volunteer at SVSCORE and give back like they have done for me”.

We wish Dee Dee all the best for her successful life and career.

Dee Dee Kiesow of BenEventAuctions