Edna M. Esnil graduated from the University of San Francisco with a doctorate of psychology and is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Menlo Park, California.  One of her areas of expertise is in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  (CBT). CBT is considered the “gold standard” in treating stress, anxiety, and depression, and a host of other issues.  It is the most widely researched and scientifically supported model of therapy worldwide. Edna is a Master Clinician and instructor in a specific model of CBT. In those roles, she takes pride in helping clients and other clinicians from around the world. She is a leader in her field serving on National Committees within the American Psychological Association keeping her abreast and contributing to cutting-edge issues in psychology. Edna feels extremely honored to help people successfully improve their well being.  

Edna has dedicated her professional life of over 20 years to a field she absolutely loves.
In her free time, she also enjoys meditating, hiking, running, cycling and sailing and being with friends and family.  

Edna began her career in psychology as a Director of clinical training at a local university-counseling center. Training doctoral level student-clinicians and helping university students improve their well being fulfilled a professional dream she held since graduate school. Always embracing professional challenges and development and pursuing professional goals, Edna set her sights on opening her own practice. 

In 2011, she made her goal a reality and opened Edna M. Esnil, Psy.D., Counseling & Psychological Services. You can find her at www.doctoresnil.com

As the practice grew, Edna left her training director position to work with clients full-time. Her interest in entrepreneurship led her to enroll in numerous business courses while seeking mentorship. Edna’s mentors helped guide and develop her business acumen. She is proudly the first in her family to be a small business owner.

Edna learned about SCORE through one of her business courses. She recognized quickly that SCORE would be instrumental in helping her succeed in business. 

After browsing through SCORE counselor biographies, Edna eagerly sought out Paul Barsely in hopes of establishing a long-term mentorship relationship. Fortunately, Paul accepted and they have been working together since December of 2012. Topics of mentorship have included: Marketing, Internet marketing, finances, hiring a bookkeeper, creating a budget, and reviewing financial reports.

“For 3 ½ years, I have had the fortunate opportunity to be mentored by Paul. With the help of SCORE I have become more confident in my business actions. I have been able to organize and track important aspects of my business”. Edna said proudly. Edna also worked with SCORE counselor, Giorgio Luzzati, an expert in QuickBooks, budgeting, forecasting, inventory management, accounting software. For nearly a year, Giorgio and Edna worked together to set up her QuickBooks accounting system. 

She said, “Both Paul and Giorgio have been so giving of their time, sincere in wanting to see me succeed, very patient with my growth, held me accountable for my business goals, challenged my business fears, helped track my business progress, and where Invaluable in helping me succeed in my business.  I feel so fortunate to have them as my mentors”.  

A number of positive outcomes have happened for Edna’s business, for which she is extremely grateful. As a result of Edna’s work with SCORE, she has successfully hired a bookkeeper; seamlessly integrated QuickBooks into her practice management, created realistic business goals, and has grown confident as a business owner. She noted, “I can now accurately and successfully analyze my business reports, which helps me prioritize professional activities.”

Edna plans to start writing and publishing her work. She hopes to complete numerous writing projects, one of which includes a workbook to help her clients reduce stress and manage anxiety. Through her writing, she would love to help more people who may not have access to her practice and spread psychology to more people than she can see in her practice.  

Finally, Edna dreams of expanding her psychology practice through the creation of a multidisciplinary clinic. Ultimately, she hopes to own her own business property where she and her staff can integrate technology with psychology. To achieve these goals, Edna hopes to continue her relationship with her SCORE mentors.

Our best wishes and support will be there for her success.

How SCORE helped. 

"For 3 ½ years, I have had the fortunate opportunity to be mentored by Paul. With the help of SCORE, I have become more confident in my business actions. I have been able to organize and track important aspects of my business”. Edna said proudly.  

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