Nader Nourizad is a post doc graduate from the Stanford Genome Technology Center. He is a dedicated and disciplined scientist with an extensive experience in the field of protein biochemistry and protein engineering as well as designing and developing DNA assays. Nader has played a central role in the development of the second-generation sequencing method “Pyrosequencing technology”. Furthermore, he has published his research in notable scientific journals and completed extensive, and ongoing training to remain up-to-date on emerging technologies and research strategies.

Nader grew up in a family of six. His father was an entrepreneur. He is a husband and a father. During his free time, he loves to spend time with his family.

To fulfill his dream, he and his friend, Dr. Shahriar Rouhani a social welfare entrepreneur and particle physicist started their own company, “Pharmozyme Inc.” in June 2013. Their main purpose was to solve a problem. Many enzymes in the market for gene amplification & DNA sequencing are suffering from the background DNA contamination, which is causing enormous false positive/negative results that might lead to misdiagnosis.

My successes. 

Pharmozyme Inc. has designed and developed a new protein production platform for enzymes involved in gene amplification & sequencing applications. The company is targeting and combating some of the most serious problems in the diagnostic market. is the storefront of Pharmozyme, Inc. Their team has since expanded to include ambitious, dedicated, and unique professionals from around the world. They draw from the best minds coming from the Stanford Genome Center, Michigan State University, the University of Texas at Austin, and University of California at Berkeley. They now have experts in online and offline marketing from Canada and United States. Each individual has come with a dedication to envision the creation of a new kind of company where responsibility, quality, and social responsibility come first.

How SCORE helped. 

 “Before starting Pharmozyme, I didn’t have enough business experience. But I knew the importance of having a coach/mentor for my startup, so I contacted Silicon Valley SCORE to find a mentor.  After an extensive search, I found John Edwards.”

Since then John Edwards with his expertise in startups, P&L management, product development, became a regular mentor for Nader. John guided Nader with how to start the company, a business plan, company structure, team building, and handling board members.  As with many mentors, John introduced Nader to other SCORE experts to help. Judith Weiss, a marketing specialist, helped with marketing and Ed Davis facilitated with the protection of Intellectual Property.

 “I had a very good picture in my mind about what I wanted to do but the reality is different than theory. Something that seemed to be very simple on the paper was very difficult in the reality. Thanks to SV SCORE, and having access to John from the beginning and also to Ed Davis & Judith Weiss. I finally could understand all the elements and issues that we talked about during our coaching sessions.”

The whole thing started just as a concept and an idea.  Now there are 6 people working full time plus 4-5 as consultants. Their products have been launched and they are now going through a validation process at different research and diagnostic labs. They have a letter of intent to work with Illumina, a brand name company in the genomic space.   

Nader’s future plan is to expand Pharmozyme Inc. and develop a company with substantial and stable revenues for years to come. He plans to prepare the company for an IPO by 2022. To achieve his goals, Nader intends to seek the support of SV SCORE and he hopes John will be there to help him.

We, from Silicon Valley SCORE wish him all the best and success.

Pharmozyme Inc.