Science of Skill was the easiest company he could start at the time.

My successes. 

The training videos became extremely popular without promoting them. With this fan-base within the industry, Daniel started offering his techniques in the form of DVD courses and martial arts videos online. Through some expansion, they had nearly a dozen instructors filming courses all over the world, and   they were able to sell these video courses to tens of thousands of customers every year, mostly via a video subscription program.

He heard about SCORE through a friend in Rhode Island when he was running his first business (a martial arts academy). This was in 2013. The business was doing about $250,000 per year in revenues, and he sold it to an inside partner.  The then SCORE counselor, John Collins, helped him with the transition process and the contract for sale.  After that he moved to California he started another business.  In 2016, he met SCORE counselor Mark Levi, who spent his career in the Marketing and Sales arena and assist his clients in successfully starting and growing their businesses.
Daniel met Mark Levi, when he was considering the sale of Science of Skill, as well as the promotion of his market research for TechEmergence.  

“The most important advice that I got from Mark was
 to write down all the processes of the business that I was handling personally, and to make a plan to have my employees handle all of those operations. I did this within 2 months of getting his advice, and became a “director” of activity, not a “doer” of activity. This made the business much more sale-able.”

Daniel added, “Mark knew that upon the selling of the company, I wanted to heavily reward my right-hand man who was a wonderful, loyal employee and friend. He advised that when I sell the company, I create a kind of staggered set of “bonuses” that encourage retention and ensure a smooth transition. I took his advise on this, and it made the buyers feel good about the sale – and it made my key employee happy because I gave him more that he was expecting as a special “thank you” bonus. This made me feel great to see the buyers and my key employee happy with the result”.

 Daniel’s future plans are to build a business that can help inform global policy around AI and neuro-technology safety. Policy in these domains will require true, objective information about the applications and implications of these technologies. He wishes to get regular help from SCORE.  
“TechEmergence is my vehicle to that end, and I now (thankfully) have both the resources and the time to devote entirely to this singular purpose, the one that I’ve held in my heart since late 2012”.


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