Nathan Urioste grew up in San Jose and received his BA from UCLA and a JD from East Bay Law School.  For the past 8 years, he negotiated various agreements and contracts for corporations, such as, Becton Dickenson, General Dynamics, Samsung and Oracle.  He began his first start-up in 2004, a music production app called “BeatRiot”. He also sits on the board of directors for a company that designs virtual reality apps.

Nathan’s father Dan is a sports lover but a back injury kept him sidelined until his desire for sports competition compelled him to invent the ChickenFoot, a bocce ball retriever. He and his son Nathan launched the product, ChickenFoot® in 2016 through Urioste Sports and Entertainment LLC.  Their friend, Chief Engineer Martin Vasquez, helped them design, prototype and test their first ChickenFoot®.  They were issued patents and a trademark to protect the ChickenFoot® brand.   They currently design, and manufacture the product in San Jose, CA.

My successes. 

Since the launch, the ChickenFoot® has helped hundreds of people get active or remain active for longer periods of time, playing bocce ball with friends and family. Customers love the fact that they can be active without risking re-injury.    

Nathan said, ”Our vision and values are being of service to all of our neighbors, being hone, and respecting our family.  We rely on our values for guidance through difficult times and to celebrate victories as a family”.

“The ChickenFoot® and my family have been warmly welcomed and supported by the national US Bocce Ball community,” Nathan added.

How SCORE helped. 

Nathan learned about SCORE through the SBA website. He contacted SCORE and met mentors Ray Muzzy and Ed Davis. “I was impressed with the level of experience and background of the mentors.  I quickly partnered with my mentors who provided structure, priorities, direction and a plan to scale our business”.

“SCORE helped us grow into a sustainable company.  Working with SCORE helped us realize the critical areas and priorities to establish growth.”

What's great about my mentor? 

Ray Muzzy, an expert in Consulting, Marketing and Product Development, and Ed Davis whose expertise are intellectual property (patents, trademarks and copyrights) and Technology Agreements (NDA, license) were totally committed to help him.  They both helped Nathan to organize the business plan and were critical in helping to substantially reduce product and operating costs. These efforts increased the gross margin and made it easy to enter the retail market.  The cost savings also enabled Chicken Foot to explore new designs.

“Because of my mentors Ray Muzzy and Ed Davis, Urioste Sports is in a much stronger position to grow our business.  Their input is invaluable”.

“Their contribution is absolutely critical to the growth of our business.  There is no question that early involvement of SCORE was also critical in shaping our business”. Nathan added.

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